The 16th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics September 18-21, 2012 - Ankara, TURKEY 16. Uluslararası Türk Dilbilim Kurultayı 18-21 Eylül, 2012 - Ankara, TÜRKİYE © Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, Ankara Turkey First Call for Papers The conference will allow for the following types of presentations:   1. Individual papers  Individual or co-authored papers will get a time slot of 20 minutes, plus 10  minutes for discussion. Abstracts – not exceeding 250 words (examples  and references included) – should cover the topic, the research question  and research methods, and bibliographical notes.  2. Workshops  Workshops deal with special topics in depth and in detail and may have a  length of 2 hours. The workshop organizers are expected to select the  topic, to invite the participants and to ensure the interrelatedness of the  contributions. The number of papers and the internal format of the session  in terms of length of presentations, discussion time, etc. is up to the  organizers. The organizers hand in an abstract of the concept of the  workshop comprising not more than 650 words; the concept should include  a summary of the individual presentations. In addition, each contributor has  to hand in an abstract of her/his paper separately. The workshop concept  as a whole and each paper within a workshop will be reviewed.  3. Poster Sessions  Poster presentations aim at providing information about a work in progress,  and/or recent research results. They will take place at the time and location  designated by the organizing committee.  ©The background map is used by the permission of Jost Gippert  TÜRKÇE