The 16th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics September 18-21, 2012 - Ankara, TURKEY 16. Uluslararası Türk Dilbilim Kurultayı 18-21 Eylül, 2012 - Ankara, TÜRKİYE © Middle East Technical University, Department of Foreign Language Education, Ankara Turkey Revised Abstracts All participants who have received an e-mail of acceptance for their submissions should kindly send their abstracts revised according to the reviews to the e-mail address by July 15, 2012 Please use the abstract template (downloadable here) while writing your revised abstracts. Guidelines for writing the revised abstract: a. For A4-sized paper, top and bottom margins should be 6 cantimeters, and right and left margins should be 5 cm wide; b. Title of the paper should be centered and written in Bold, using Times New Roman 12 pt. fonts. c. Under the title, the next line should contain author's (and co-authors') name and surname (surname should be in capital letters) written in Bold, using Times New Roman 12pt. fonts. Next line below the name and surname should contain the name of your institution (your university) written in Italics, usingTimes New Roman 10 pt fonts. In the next line, you should provide your e-mail address in Times New Roman 10 pt fonts. d. The main text of the abstract should be approximately 250-400 words long (including references). This body text should be written using Times New Roman 11 pt. fonts, with single line-spacing, and should be justified. e. References should also be justified and written in Times New Roman 10 pt fonts. ©The background map is used by the permission of Jost Gippert  TÜRKÇE